The Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS) Allergy Research Center, was established in August 2007, with the collaboration of faculty members from the Departments of Clinical Immunology and Allergy ( Dr. Sara Kashef), Immunology (Dr. Shirin Farjadian), Pulmonology (Dr. Mohammad-Ali Ghayumi), Otolaryngology (Dr. fardin Eghtedari),and Dermatology ( Dr. Farhad Hanjani). In 2011 with the Directorship of Dr. Sara Kashef, this center was approved by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.


Allergy Research Center (ARC)
Address: Sixth floor, Mohammad Rasool Allah Research Tower, Khalili street, Mulla Sadra Blvd -Shiraz-Iran
P.O. Box: 719363-5899
Tel: +98(0)71 6122267-8
FAx:+98(0)71 36281563

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